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Hi, I'm Marissa van Loon, a 25-year-old journalist at NRC. 

As from November 2015, I've been working as a journalist for the Dutch daily NRC. I'm one of the founding mothers of Toolschool, a business that helps journalists with the online presentation of their stories.



As a journalist for NRC, I work for the news team and the audience development team. The news team covers the latest news for the website and newspapers NRC Handelsblad and In the audience development team I try to understand our user, their habits and behavior. We use their input to improve our website, social media and newsletters.

My main topics are popular culture, new media, cycling, soccer, tech and privacy (but I wouldn’t shy away from any other interesting bits!).

Want to read my pieces for NRC? Please click here. You might have seen the rest of my work pop up on your Twitter or Facebook timeline, or in NRC's newsletters.



At the age of sixteen, my journalistic career got a kickstart when I started writing columns about media at NRC. I was able to let my creative flag fly even more when I got the opportunity to write columns for the local newspaper BNDeStem, and present a show at the local radio station.

With writing being a passion of mine since an early age, it’s no surprise that I ended up studying journalism. I obtained my bachelor’s degree at Fontys Hogeschool Journalistiek, did an internship at Metro, was the proud owner of two blogs and finally ended up back where it all started: NRC.

Throughout my studies I came to realize that I have a passion for online journalism and have therefore specialized myself in this subject. This resulted in starting my own business, Toolschool. I use this as a platform to share my knowledge about online journalism with fellow journalists, students and anyone else who’s keen to learn more.

In 2018, I completed my master’s degree in New Media Design. In this program, I learned a lot about human-media interaction, media design, prototyping and UXD. To top it all off, I went abroad to study at the University of Waterloo (Canada). 



                  , the business I set up with Maike van Leeuwen, helps journalists with the online presence of their story. That's not something we do for you, we do it with you, so you can apply this in the future yourselfWe do this by giving fun workshops and interactive inspiration sessions. Want to know what this means? Feel free to get in touch.

A frequently asked question is: can you give us some example of 'nice tools'? People often tend to forget that it all starts with something very simple and basic: your story. A tool is only useful when it enhances your story and not 'just because'. We experimented a lot with tools, so we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. In our workshops, we share tips, tricks, do's and (probably most importantly!) absolute don'ts.

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